Problem with shaders on Android?

Unitl recently, I've been able to use these shaders on all platforms without problem:

Bumped Diffuse Bumped Specular Transparent/Bumped Specular Reflective/Bumped Specular

These still work on all platforms except Android. I have no idea what changed that would cause it to crash.

In the case of Bumped Specular, I actually do have several objects that use it, but when I enable others (which are just some boxes), it crashes.

I can have maybe one transparent/bumped specular in scene, but more than that and it crashes. In this case, not right away, but when I start moving around. I think it may be when two or more such objects begin to overlap.

Reflective/Bumped Specular just crashes. Pity, it looked really great too.

Any ideas on why this might be happening? Is there a particular size or compression or some other setting I should be paying attention to? (my sizes are all pretty reasonably small).

My first guess would be: something in your Android drivers does not like something about the shaders. Would be helpful to file a bug report with all the details (exact Android device you use, Android OS version, project folder that makes it crash etc.)