Problem with slopes on my terrain

Hello. I created a map on Blender and I imported it into the latest version on unity. I have searched for the answer here and watching tutorials, I though I had found the right answer but no.

The problem is. I import my terrain, I have my player and I attached a camera to it ( just like a first person game), just to try I used a capsule, and I want the player to go arround the terrain, I have slopes on my terrain, and everything goes fine on plane terrain, but when I go and try to go up some slopes, the capsule passes right through it, or sometimes is the camera… sometimes it happens only when I go in reverse or when I try to go up the slope on the right side

my terrain has a mesh collider, my capsule has a capsule collider and a rigid body, my camera has a box collider and a rigid body, I don’t know which other combination to try.

can anybody help me with this?

You are likely using transform.translate/position to move, which ignores physics and colliders (or slopes and hills if you want); look at CharacterControler and SimpleMove

If you don’t want to got the CC route and are using physics, look at things like AddForce