Problem with Sorting Layers when exporting package

Hello, we are having problems with “Sorting Layers” when we export the Assets Package and reopen it in a different computer.
The thing is, we are different people working on the same project. We organize our objects by using “Sorting Layers”. However, when we export the package and open it in a different computer, the Sorting Layers we created disappear… So we have to reorganize the layers every time…
Why is this happening? Is there any work around?

Hi. The real problem is that when you export your asssets, Unity just export what lies under the Assets folder and the layers aren’t included there. There is a file located on project settings named “TagManager.asset” This file keeps track of names and ID’s for each layer. Close Unity and copy the file from the “source” computer to the “receiving computer”. Be careful not to break the project as this will replace all layers ( sorting and regular ones and also TAGS) on “receiving computer”. I suggest to make a test first to make sure everything is ok and the make it with the real project. Tested on 2020.3.1 and works like a charm… no more . As long as any other solution on internet, be carful and test before make critical changes…

Hope it helps.