Problem with Static Variable?

I have a problem with my static varible, in a collision of my projectile i call it and minus 10 for the damage the projectile does, no i don't know weather its my collision scrip that is wrong or my static var that's not picking it up

this is my collision Code

    var lifespan : float= 0.6;
function Awake() {

Destroy(gameObject, lifespan);


function OnCollisionEnter(hit : Collision) {
    if (hit.gameObject.tag == "Enemy1"){
        EnemyStats.enemyHP = EnemyStats.enemyHP - 10;


that code is on my projectile it should minus HP when it hits the enemy ?

Do a

Debug.Log("Collision works");  

In to the function OnCollisionEnter...

Then in the if statement, put:

Debug.Log("Activate enemyHP Decrease");

Now run, and tell me if both, or only one comes up. Posting as answer so I can format it.