Problem with Submit to High Scores button

I am trying to create a highscore GUI pop-up where there is a text box where you can write your name and a submit button that would enter the score. I have “playerStats()” set up so that playerStats.Score is an Int and playerStats.playerName is a string. The problem is at the 5th line of code. I get the error: BCE0022: Cannot convert ‘playerStats’ to ‘String’. I’m just not sure how to get Unity to recognize the current player is the player (i.e. I want the text entered in the box to be the playerStats() name and the playerStats.playerName). Any help is appreciated, thanks.

function OnGUI () {
	GUI.Box(Rect (10,10,200,90),"");
	textAreaString = GUI.TextArea (Rect (30, 20, 150, 30), textAreaString);
	if (textAreaString != "" || null){
		textAreaString = new playerStats();
		textAreaString = textAreaString.playerName;
	if (GUI.Button (Rect (35, 50, 140, 30), "Submit to Highscores")) {


Good I am glad you figured it out.