Problem with Terrain Colliding


I am new to unity and this forum, and therefore a beginner. I hope this question wont sound too silly.

So, I have problems with my character not colliding with my terrain. The Terrain has a rigidbody and a terrain collider attached and the character has a child object that contains a few empty objects with a collider structure, which wraps around my character. So the colliders are OK. But everytime I fly my character against a terrain obstacle it goes through! Here some extra Information:

  • My character is a drone, it hovers above the ground
  • I drive my character with Transform.Translate because hovering objects are veery difficult to control with forces obviously

I looked around in the internet and found two possible solutiones:

  1. There is a setting somewhere in the physics settings of my project that makes collision between terrain and other objects impossible.
    BUT: Where is this setting?

  2. I must not drive my character with Transform.Translate, i should use forces instead.
    BUT: This makes my character escalate. I don’t know how to control my character accurate and player-like with Forces. Can anyone write example code if he knows some?

I hope some of you are able to help me!

Main thing I can think of is to remove the rigidbody component from the terrain. Use a separate scripted collider and attach it to the terrain. Make sure that in the script, the new collider avoids your current no collision problem.