Problem With Terrain Duplicates - Simple?


I have duplicated my scene, and I want to change the terrain in one of the duplicates slightly, but every time I do, the original duplicate's terrain is adjusted in the same way. How to I make the duplicated terrain 'unique' ?


The right way to do it is to duplicate your terrain data (*.asset) with Ctrl+D and then drag it into your scene. Then you’ll have a duplicated terrain that’s independent from the original one.

Okay this limitation has bothered me enough now, I finally decided to solve this once and for all.
Here is the step-by-step solution! (Updated for Unity5)

  1. Select your Terrain game object in your Scene.
  2. In the inspector, find your Terrain Collider by clicking on the prefab assigned to “Terrain Data”
  3. In the Project folder, left-click on the highlighted Terrain Data prefab that just blinked at you.
  4. Press Ctrl-D to Duplicate it.
  5. Drag the duplicate into your scene (it will create a new terrain prefab for you)
  6. Congratulations! You have a unique terrain you can adjust, paint, edit without affecting the original!

Martian Games

  1. Duplicate your Terrain asset (IN YOUR ASSETS FILES).
  2. Duplicate your Terrain object (IN THE HIERARCHY).
  3. Open the Debug window into the inspector of the duplicated terrain object.
  4. Terrain → Terrain data = change to your duplicated terrain asset.
  5. Terrain Collider → Terrain data = change to your duplicated terrain asset.

I think you cant make them unique. What you need to do is to export a heightmap from your original terrain and then in your duplicated scene create a new terrain and apply the heightmap.