Problem with textures after baking.

Hello! Im very new to the world of games development.
I made the models, my level and everything in Maya, textured it and exported as FBX format into Unity.
Later I arranged some nice lighting around my scene and I came to point of baking the scene. I assigned ‘static’ to the stable objects in my scene. I set something in bake window, like resolution “200”, “Dual lightMaps”, there were not many options to change… Anyways, pushed “bake” and it took some time and after it was finished all my textures on walls, floor, objects turned to be as crap, like little squares all over the surfaces, random square spots everywhere. When the lightMap window is active, there is a little window on a Scene view - “Lightmap Display”, when I remove the mark from “Use LightMaps” it turns to be very nice looking, but when I check it again, everything is crap again. I thought its not a big deal, I could keep it unchecked always, but when I “Built and Run”, all these messed up textures were in my game.
What did i do wrong, please help, dunno where to search for a problem…

It is not enough to assign “static” to the objects that don’t move. Before you bake the lightmap, you must also check the “Generate Lightmap UVs” for your models. So, in the Project pane, select one of your imported objects that will be static, and in the Import Settings (where the Inspector appears), find the checkbox next to “Generate Lightmap UVs”, and mark it (under the “Meshes” heading). Do, this for all your static models, and then bake the lightmap.