Problem with the android emulator "Device hardware is not supported"

Hello! I just got unity running on my android phone which is pretty cool. But I didn’t have much luck with the android emulator. I get the following error:

Error building Player: UnityException: Device hardware is not supported
The connected device is not compatible with ARMv7a binaries. Unity Android only supports devices with a Cortex/ARMv7 type CPU, or devices with an ARM11/ARMv6 CPU with VFP hardware.
Set ‘Device Filter’ to ‘ARMv6 with VFP’ if you believe your device is supported; this will cause the application to rely on runtime detection of CPU features, rather than Android Market filtering

And I have no idea what to do and the does not seem to be much info about running unity on android emulator. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

You can’t. The emulator doesn’t support 3D acceleration.

Just visit link text

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