Problem with the collider triggers,My collider trigger is not working

Ok, so I am making a zombie survival game. I have a zombie object, that has an empty object child which has a sphere collider (isTrigger = true) and a rigidbody (isKinematic = true). This sphere collider has a whide range and Is checking for a player entering in the detection zone (later called Player Detector). Player and zombie has a capsule collider and rigidbody. The Player Detector has a script, that’s listening to OnCollisionEnter() calls and then flips a public bool that is used by Zombies main script. It seems that the Player Detector collider isn’t triggered by anything (even the terrain). Any suggestions why that would be?

P.S. Player Detector doesn’t even detect the Zombie collider, even if it’s right in the middle of the sphere collider (The Player Detector collider).

When isTrigger is on, OnCollisionEnter is never called. You need to use OnTriggerEnter instead.

Hope this helps!