Problem with the gamepad in the new input system

I have a ps2 controller that’s connected via the usb adapter to a windows 10 machine. I’m using the new input system in Unity and when I open up the input debugger it is detecting it as a DualShock3GamepadHID which is fine, but the mapping of the buttons is wrong. For example square is mapped as the start, start as the right trigger, etc. The only things that are mapped right are the left and right sticks. I suppose that the drivers are not the problem since the gamepad works fine in Steam and Epic. Any suggestions how I can fix this?

Unity doesn’t support PS3, ps2, and psx controllers because they’re too old and aren’t supported to build.
You need another controller (PS4, Nintendo Switch Pro, etc)
I would suggest you to buy a xbox controller because in pc it’s the most common and the better.

You can create your own setup, as Unity did with the PS4 gamepad: HID Support | Input System | 1.0.2