Problem with the Teleportation in my XRInteractionToolkit

Hi to everyone,

I have a problem with my VR Experience. Basically, I have setted my XR Origin component, with both left hand and right hand with their corrispective model, and to both objects I have attached the teleportation script to move through raycasting on the terrainmap. It actually works, and I have no problem in managing the experience a part from one small detail:

What happen is that when I build the environment on my meta quest Pro headset (and few times even with air link) and I start the game sometimes (JUST SOMETIMES not ALWAYS) either the Left or the Right teleportation controller doesn’t work. With that I mean that it is possible to point the raycaster, it appears green (as it should) but then the player doesn’t teleport to where he/she pointing and is forced to use the other controller. In this specific case it is important for the user to be able to teleport with both controller if they want since it will be for a research that take into account users’ main hand.

Can you help me telling me what do I have to fix? Or, If it’s a problem not that clear how can I move around it and still forced the controller to work somehow? I would be very greateful if you can help me out thanks.

P.S. I’m building the environment with Unity 2022.3.17f1