problem with Time.deltatime, translate and application.targetFramerate

So I’ve been working on some stuff, and i’m running into an issue:

Limiting the framerate through the command Application.TargetFramerate will definitely work, but will alter my physics.

On the update function:

transform.Translate(Vector3.up * jump * Time.deltaTime);

That’s the code for the jump, well… part of it. The problem is that with 60fps target frame i’ll get half the total jump height than I would with 30. And with 15 I get double. I was told Time.deltaTime should act framerate invariable, so I’m puzzled.

Any wise words?

Fixed it at the very end. I didn’t think the whole thing through properly. I did use deltaTime for that jump, but jump had other affecting numbers. I didn’t realize that if they didn’t have a deltaTime themselves, the calculations would only be done 30 times per second for 30fps and 60 times per second in 60fps.