Problem with Time.time in Android platform

I have a problem with Time.time: I have a script that have the control of the attack cadence of a player unit, like this:

protected virtual void Update ()
  if (controlBase.status == Status.NORMAL)
     if (Time.time > ultTimeShot + shotCadence)
        if (thereAreEnemies())
protected virtual void BeginToAttack() {		
	controlBase.status = Status.ATACK;
	ultTimeDisparo = Time.time;

In PC and Mac StandAlone have no problem, but in Android don’t work. ¿It is different Time.time value in Android?

i have a probleme like this one.

when i start coding for android i used yield waitforsecond function but that doesn’t work on android 2.3.3 and working well on android 4.1.2 or higter.

i change all my script to use another function, and i use Time.time to wait any second i need.

its work on android 4.x.x but it doesnt work on android 2.3.3

my timer (by exemple) never change and it have to change every second.

//before call this function
curwait = Time.time + 1;

function Timersec()
	if (Time.time < curwait)
		return false;
	return true;

//and i call this function like this

if (Timersec())
		if(CurTimer > 5)
			TimerStyle.normal.textColor = Color.white;
		CurTimer -= 1;
		curwait = Time.time + 1.0;

all this work on android 4.x.x i dont try it on another version because i havent another android device access.

but i looking to fix that since a week.