Problem with touch on guitexture for Android

Hi I have very weird kind of problem :slight_smile: I made a simple game for android.In Unity everything works fine but on mobile phones click maps are moved a little bit down.Which means that,when I am going to click on some guitexture,I must click a little bit more above. It makes a big problem in menu,because if you want to click to go to options,you will open window with achievements, or instead of open window with achievements you will close a game. Weird thing on it is,that when I will close game by button Quit game and then start game again the problem is still there,but when I close game by original home page button on mobile phone, the problem is gone and everything works fine. I will welcome any advices because I tried almost everything :slight_smile:

I solved it. I found project backup from last month and I was comparing both projects. Mistake was in build settings I had unchecked HIDE STATUS BAR or something like this :slight_smile: So I had status bar with baterry and time there.Which didn’t move my textures but moved only my click maps.