Problem with triggers/colliders?

Hello. Does anyone have any ideas on how can I make a collider a trigger for some objects and a collider for others? I want objects with the tag "player" to be able to enter the area and, when inside activate a function (that, I know how to do). The problem is, I want objects with the "enemy" tag to not be able to enter the area, I want it to act as if it where a collider, does anyone have any ideas with how I can do this? Thanks

Use two colliders (one marked as a trigger, one not).

Tag the actual collider - for example "Non-Player Collisions". Tag the player's collider, or CharacterController object - usually "Player"

Use collision masks to mask out collisions between "Player" and "Non-Player Collisions". Collision Layers are located in Edit > Project Settings > Physics

Also, if you intend this collision object to move, you'll need to attach a rigidbody, in which case you should also mask out collisions between the "Non-Player Collisions" object, and the trigger, for performance reasons.