Problem with UI buttons and MultiTouch

I am currently making a mobile game in which the character can run, jump, and shoot. Each one of them works individually, but for some reason I can’t run and jump or run and shoot. I know that my device recognizes multi-touch, because earlier I created a print test to indicate how many fingers were touching the screen. It always worked correctly, but the issue now is that the UI buttons I’m using for jumping and shooting aren’t working if another finger is already down. Any ideas why?
I’m using an android device and Unity Remote 4, if there’s a chance that has anything to do with it.

I use OnDrag to measure the offset of a panel for a joystick and a simple button for shooting. Using interfaces like IPointerDownHandler etc and the StandaloneInputModule seems to support Multitouch.

Personally, I wouldn’t use the built in ui objects for the actual controls. You might be better off using one of the many assets out there which handle touch controls, especially if you’re fairly inexperienced. My personal favorite is Control Freak.

As far as I know the UI buttons use pointer, which simulates mouse clicks. That’s why you cant achieve multi-touch using the default buttons. The UI is intended for menus which usually only take 1 touch at a time.

I have the same problem
Did you find solution for this problem?,Did you find solution for this??