Problem with UI interactive buttons when developing for HoloLens 2 with MRTK3

Hi everyone,
For my graduation project I'm designing a MR application for the Hololens 2. I've created the application in Unity with the help of MRTK3. All the UI elements are canvas based with scriped buttons to switch between the different UI Slates. Everything works fine in the Unity editor during runtime, but as soon as I build the application and try to use the application it doesn't work. When I start the application on the HoloLens I just see one of the canvas based UI slates and the buttons have lost their functionality. I'll add the screen recording from my Unity editor during runtime (I Uploaded it to YouTube)

. I hope somebody knows or sees anything!

Thank you all in advance!

It is difficult to know what is happening with the information you're giving.

If I have to bet, I'd say that there's a not handled exception that you have on the hololens but not in the editor. That exception is stopping the init flow. Do you have the development console to see if is there any error?

In addition:
You can use the Windows Device Portal to record the behavior in the Hololens

And you can get the MRTK3 dev template from github, and compile and upload the app to your hololens and check that everything is working there.
Then, start comparing with your own project

Note our FAQ :

How to do X using HoloLens?
Unity does not implement AR Foundation support for HoloLens. Microsoft owns and maintains their AR Foundation provider plug-in and build tools. For any questions regarding HoloLens other than specifically the UnityEngine or UnityEditor API’s, please refer to the Microsoft Mixed Reality forums: