Problem with unity answers?

// for some reason Unity Answers will not
// allow a comment or answer or question that has
// in it. The
// will disappear, and
// only show up if it is written in code
// like here.

It does not allow a less than sign, followed by text, and then a greater than sign. Trying to do so simply makes the less than sign, greater than sign, and all text in between disappear when posted.

All HTML-tag like are removed from the text you write I guess.

It’s necessary to prevent some evil-minded persons to try to “inject” code inside the website (like javascript injection)

The reason why the tag is visible in comments, it’s because the ‘>’ and ‘<’ symbols are translated in a way your web browser doesn’t interprete them.

(Like the way I did to write them in this comment) :

> for >

< for <