Problem with Unity autopressing W/Up and A/Left

When I run a scene in my project it automatically presses the unity forward and left movement buttons (W/Up Arrow and A/Left Arrow) even though I am not pressing them down. I have nothing on my PC that would simulate pressing these keys down. Has anyone else had this issue and know how to fix it?

Code used to get button presses is Input.GetAxis(“Horizontal”); and Input.GetAxis(“Vertical”);

The you might need to readjust the Axes on Edit->Project Settings-> Input to be more accurate - especially if you have controller connected since by default there are two “Horizontal” and “Vertical” Axes defined - and the controller one is known to be too sensitive out of the box. Read here about the parameters and how to adjust them -

As Shmulzious suggested, there may be more than one “Horizontal” and “Vertical” axis so this may be causing the issue for others. You can either raise the sensitivity or remove the additional axis.