Problem with Update function and Inspector!


I have a simple Update function, where I decrement a value by 0.001 every Update, and a Debug.Log message when its <=0. When I look at the value from the Inspector (I have that script attached to my player), I see it gradualy decrementing to 0. However, Debug.log shows me the message long before its 0 in the Inspector. What is the problem?

Also, I have my players Health decrementing, and that is shown with a label that has width=Health. When I use a Health Pack, its like another label is drawn, that has the correct health(greater, after using a health pack), that is a bit lighter in color, and the old label keeps getting smaller(one is on top of the other) Same with numbers. Hunger is decrementing by 0.001 every Update and is shown by a number in a label on GUI. When I eat food in the game, instead of the number changing, its like another is just created ontop of the first one. Where to decrement values if not in Update, and should i use Time.deltaTime maybe?

public var Strength : float;
public var Stamina : float;
public var Health : float;
public var Thirst : float;
public var Hunger : float;
public var Blader : float;
public var Shitter : float;
public var Charisma : float;
public var Endurance : float;
public var Luck : float;


public var CanPickUp:boolean;

public var StaminaMinus=1;
public var ThirstMinus=0.001;
public var HungerMinus=0.001;
public var BladerMinus=0.001;
public var ShitterMinus=0.001;
public var HealthMinus=0.001;

public var StaminaMax=100.0;
public var HealthMax=100.0;

public var StaminaPlus=0.3;

public var HasWeapon : boolean;
var Script : RaycastShooting;
Script = GetComponent("RaycastShooting");

function Start () {

function Update () {
	if(Hunger==0) Debug.Log("JEBEM TI MAMU");
	if(Thirst==0) Debug.Log("JEBEM TI MAMU OPET");
	if(booster) Health=100;

Are you saying you are getting multiple GUI instances on screen?

This suggests more than 1 script instance.