Problem with "Using Unity Standard Assets" in script C#

I have a problem when using the Unity Standard Assets invocation command: “Using UnityStandardAssets.Character.FirstPerson;”. The command is highlighted in red … as if it didn’t exist … I have to use that command because I use a Firast Person character in the script.
If anyone knows the solution to this problem, write … please help … urgently.

Ideally when posting code errors, please provide us with the error message in the Unity editor console, or displayed when hovering the mouse over the red underlined code. Even better, the code itself posted using the 101010 formatting button helps a lot.

If there is a capital ‘U’ in the “using …” line, it will not work. Keywords like “using” are never capitalized in c#. You’re also missing an s in Characters.

The full line should read:

using UnityStandardAssets.Characters.FirstPerson;

Otherwise, make sure that you actually downloaded and added to the project the full standard asset package, or at least the FirstPersonController.cs script.

A line of code is also not a command, unless you type it in a terminal. If you are typing this in a terminal I’m not sure what you hope to accomplish.