Problem with Windows 10


I have built a game with Unity 2020 on Windows 7. It works fine (in the editor and as a standalone PC build).

However when I try to run the standalone PC build on windows 10, it starts but does not work properly. No error messages, just anormal behavior. Where should I start to debug this issue ?

Thanks a lot.

I solved my issue, but I have still no idea why it happens.

I made 3 changes which solved the problem:

  1. built a development build instead of a normal one

  2. Put 2 binary resources file in StreamingAssets, rather than Resources

  3. built for 64 bit architecture instead of 32 bits.

It is a simple program, with no updated (all the man machine interface is menu driven).

I will find out which changes solved the problem, but it looks like a bug. Should I report it ?