Problems getting values from a prefab's script using GetComponent

I have a player prefab and an enemy prefab. They are both instantiated to the scene from an empty game object.

This is for a 2d game like space invaders. I want the enemy(clone) to follow the player(clone) on the x axis.

I’m trying to do this by having the player(clone) have a script attached to it and whenever it moves it sets different private Boolean variables to true/false (depending on its movement). Based on these bool values, the enemy(clone) will move.

I have a bunch of getBool methods.

The enemy(clone) has a script attached to it that has the following fields:

public GameObject gameObject;   //I put the player prefab gameObject into it (inspector) 
private Player playerScript;        //this is for the GetComponent

then I do the getComponent in the enemy script’s awake method:
playerScript = gameObject.GetComponent ();

After all this, the enemy prefab script doesn’t seem to be getting the values from the player prefabs script.

Man I really need help…Thank you!

I expect this is because you have a reference to the player prefab (from public GameObject gameObject) but when you instantiate the player that is a different gameObject. The other issue seems to be your GetComponent usage - does your Enemy really have playerScript attached to it? Normally that would be on the player so your GetComponent would need to be prefaced by something like GameObject.Find(“Player”)…