Problems importing plane mesh from blender to unity

Hello guys, my friend give to me a hint, if the object is far away, you can just make the object as a plane mesh and draw it on photoshop using an alpha image.

So I made a feather with a simple mesh plane. When I import to unity, I can only see it only from one side, if I turn it 180 degrees, it disappears. I tried to recalculate the normals but nothing happened.

I saw that the normal vectors are going to the side that I can see the feather, I can’t make the vector point to the 2 sides of the plane in the same time, so I can’t use blender planes on unity? Thanks.

you will probably need to make a custom double sided shader. If I remember correctly the default shaders only work for the positive normals.

there is also a blender importer addon which might help?