Problems Importing Rigged Model from Blender to Unity

I’ve ran into a recent issue working with Blender and Unity. I have a fully rigged FBX model taken from the game World of Warcraft, the model has an animation clip attached. I am able to import the FBX file into Unity with no Issues, except that the model is facing the wrong direction.

You can see that in the ‘Clips’ section there is an animation clip, which works perfectly fine. Now, to fix the direction problem. I import the FBX into blender, then translate the model on the Z Axis -90 degrees and export the project as a FBX using Blender’s Default FBX Export Settings. After that is done I import the new FBX into Unity and run into this issue.

In the ‘Clips’ section there are now all the Bones of the model and the model is no longer animated. I’ve never ran into this issue before while working with models and I’m unsure of a solution to fix this. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

The following works with no issues. In the setup I’ve shown my character Imports in the proper direction and travels correctly under root motion. Rotate accordingly then Apply Location, Rotation and Scale. NorthStar79 has a point about animations. They are keyed in to rotation so you may need to take extra steps. I have achieved this relatively simplisticly in the past. There is a difference to rotating in edit mode and object mode. I dont remember the specifics but it may be key.

In FBX Export Settings:


Unity’s own method :

Legacy Fix :

The axes will never match. Unity uses a left-handed coordinate system. Blender, right-handed.
Here you can find a solution.