Problems in Android build when running game

After successfully building my game for Android, a ton of sprites are not rendered properly on my device and the game is buggy to the point it’s unplayable. I am using a Google Nexus 4 phone for testing this. When I test out everything using Unity Remote 4 everything seems to be working properly, although touch input seems somewhat slow and unresponsive sometimes. But, once a build is run everything looks mangled.

I’ve tried altering the build settings by changing the minimum API levels and other settings but nothing is working. Is there something that I I’m missing here? Is there a way to debug builds such as a log I can look at?

Looks like there was a bug in the version of Unity I was using. I was using 5.3.2f1 and all I did was upgrade to 5.3.4f1

The issue was referenced here: