Problems in Unity 5 Editor, everything is pink

Hello, i just downloaded Unity Free Version, installed it but everything is pink. Even if i load a project, even if i make a new one, it displays pink color everywhere!

Pink usually means there’s been a shader error. See the “Console” tab at the bottom beside the “Project” tab, click on that - are there any errors in there?

No, there is no any error :confused:

Having the same problem as you, I noticed this is not a problem when you create a 2D project, so here is what I did:

  • I compared the settings on both and noticed they used a different number of shaders. Nothing I knew how to fix, however, if you go on Edit > Project Settings > Editor, and change the Default Behaviour Mode to 3D instead of 2D, you won’t have to worry about the times when the editor resets to the 2D view and will be able to work with the working shaders.