Problems making a smash bros like camera

I am trying to make a camera that acts like the camera in super smash bros.

It will keep all players on screen by moving horizontally and vertically, and by zooming in and out.

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Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

My suggestion : You need to do tutorials provided by unity

public bool canFocus = true ;
//You could play with the zoomValue in inspector in play mode
[Range(1f , 100f)]
public float zoomValue ;

private Camera _camera ;

void Start()
    if (!_camera)
        _camera = Camera.main ;

void Update()
    if (canFocus)
        //call the function from below as per your camera ;

//Orthographic projection is used for 2D games
void FocusInOrthographicView()
    //See your Main Camera setting If the projection is set to Orthographic use this
    _camera.orthographicSize = zoomValue ;

//Perspective projection is used for 3D games

void FocusInPerspectiveView()
    //Is the projection is set to Perspective use this
    _camera.fieldofView = zoomValue ;

The Tanks tutorial has exactly this type of camera, you should be able to adapt it to your needs quite easily.