Problems rendering a terrain texture on iOS

Hi I’m trying to use a Terrain in my iOS game but having problems with rendering terrain textures on my device. In editor it works fine but on my iPad the terrain texture is “noisy” or just badly rendered. To see what I mean please have a look at my attached image below. On the right side of this image there is a plane with the desired texture. On the left side of my image there is a Terrain object with the same texture used to paint it. As you can see this is what I get on my iOS device.

Thanks for help!

That is a precision issue. Texture coords are float in standalone but are half values in ios and android. You can do two things:

  1. Decrease tiling so that texture coordinate values remain in a lower range
  2. Set texture’s offset to negative half of -terrain’s width. For example if your terrain is 2048 meters wide, in terrain paint tool set texture’s offset to -1024 in both fields.