Problems when making a build of a game for testing.

I recently make a quick test for a few of my beta testers to do but everyone seems to be running into several strange issues that are both inside and even outside the game. I was wondering if i’m doing it wrong? and is there a “proper/better” way of doing this.

The way I currently distribute tests

  1. Make a folder called Version insert number

  2. have the build export to that folder it would put the exe and data folder inside of it

  3. put the version folder on dropbox and email the testers a link to download the folder.

  4. To which they should open and run the exe and the game would load no problem

To make things even more strange whenever I do a build and run it straight off my pc it work 100% fine

I guess it’s most likely a download / sharing problem. What kind of link do you send them? It’s better you pack everything into a zip archive and let them download and unzip it on their PC.

If you “share” your version folder of your dropbox, are you sure your testers actually have a dropbox account and that they still have enough space? If you add a shared folder to your own dropbox it will tax your free space as well.

Also if they add your folder as shared folder, keep in mind that large files / many files take a while until they are synchronised. Starting the game before all files are there will end in a disaster. That’s why it’s better to ship everything as a zip.