problems with ads in WebGL export

Why, when I export my project to the web with the base configuration, the adblock of the browser blocks the exported game?
psdt: Nothing from the ads was configured. unity version: 2019.4.13f1

my guess is that the name of the file starts with "ad"

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Try contacting the developer of the Adblocker you are using to know more how they are filtering out content? @De-Panther 's guess sounds like a viable one.

We are not currently aware of any adblocker mass-filtering out Unity content from loading.

The word adex seem to be in the block list.

I have made a test and adex.js is blocked == >
Check the console and source.

You must change the file name to something like adex_build.json.

thanks people if it was for the subject of the name. I changed it and it no longer gives me a problem

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