Problems with audio (audio popping / crackling) and Wi-Fi

I have a problem with Galaxy s8 and my app, the music in the game has some popping sounds/crackling, I tried everything- re-importing the files to *.OGG, changing the bitrate, compression settings, audio settings, nothing worked.

In the end, I found a post that solved the issue- when you disable the Wi-Fi on Galaxy S8, the music suddenly becomes fine. And it worked, but it’s obviously not a solution.

But it’s definitely Unity issue, because other games f(or example candy crush) on my phone don’t have any problems with the music, just my unity apps.

My unity version is 2019.2.18f1

That’s strange, especially that it works with disabled Wi-Fi.
Sounds like there are any waves interfering or similar?!

Think the following information would be useful to analyze in more detail:

  • Did you try to play the ogg file in a simple audio-player on your device, too?
  • Also do you have any effects (EQ, high-pass-filter, etc) on the sound?
  • And could you maybe share a record or the sound-file itself (of course just if it’s not under NDA). Or show an screenshot of the waves when opened the sound in Audacity or similar?

Any fix for this? I have 2 apps built in the latest Unity 2019.3.10 and came from 2018 versions which all seemed to work fine on Android prior to 2019.

After going to 2019, all audios and recording have a crackling sound throughout the audio.

These audios are for meditation and to have crackling throughout is not great.

I’m on Samsung Galaxy S8 using Android 9 Pie.

If I turn wifi off, the crackling goes away. Turn wifi on, and it’s back.

Even with Recording through Unity within the app and playback is also crackling.

Does this with wav, mp3, egg and recordings attached to audio clip.

I changed Audio settings quality under project settings and messed with the different settings, however nothing works.

Plays great in editor and on Apple IOS, just Android with the latest version of Unity 2019.3.10 is still not fixed.

Anyone have a fix for these? All unity apps on Android 9 with wifi enable causes crackling popping throughout audio. Turn wifi off and it sounds great.

Anyway to fix this?

We have the same issue. Any news or fix for this ? Thank you!

can someone help me answer this please?!