Problems with Batching (diffuse shader)

I have some problems with Batching.
So i have read that when you batch an object, you will increase the FPS(frames.per.seconds) of the game and would take less pressure on the CPU.

Now i got an prefab cube, with the same material, size and texture.
I played around with the texture shader and found out that some shaders get automatically batch by the system.
Shaders like : VertexLit.
but that texture makes the texture all shiny and that is not what i want.
It won’t batch my gameobject when i set the texture shader to diffuse.

Is there a way to batch the object when still have the shader on diffuse?
I already read the manual of unity about this,

Unity said : " Materials :
Only objects sharing the same material can be batched together. Therefore, if you want to achieve good batching, you need to share as many materials among different objects as possible."

It is a prefab so everything has to be the same.

As you see in the picture, the Draw Calls are 2310, and the batching are 0. And this is when set the shader to diffuse. When set on VertexLit the Fps raise to 70+ and i get around 300 batching and 4 draw calls.

Could dynamic batching be disabled over there by accident?