Problems with Builds

Hello, a friend and I have been working on a rather simple project. Now we want to add it to our website but are unable to get a working build. During Play mode everything's fine:

  • the GUI is displayed properly
  • the players can walk and look around by using the keyboard
  • hitpoints are counted
  • there's delay between single shots from the players

However neither web-builds, nor windows standalones function correctly. All of the things listed above are screwed. For instance:

  • the GUI ignores the mouse
  • walking works fine, yet looking around is restricted to the y-Axis and can only be done by the Mouse. In splitscreen mode both players are turned when the mouse is moved.
  • there are no hitpoints
  • the player's weapons become machine guns

Especially the missing delay is astonishing. Here is some example code:

def Update ():
    if Input.GetButtonDown(input) & isready:
        newProjectile=Instantiate(projectile, transform.position,transform.rotation)


    if actTime>delay :

It seems like Unity has "filtered" the script. But then again there are no compiler errors and during Play mode everythings fine. We don't know what to do

If there are compiler errors, it's letting you play the last correctly built version of your scripts in play mode

You'll need to fix those compile errors before things work right in play mode and builds