Problems with camera and screen resolutions

I do not understand the scale factor. Does it affect in any way the game because it seems to move from 0.24 to 1 but it looks the same on my phone. I have a screen resolution of 1920x1080 in order to have the 0.24 and if I change it to aspect ratio to a 16:9 it has a scale of 1. Can anyone help me understand this because they are the same thing yet in one case the scale is 0.24 in the other is 1. Note: the game looks awful if I have the aspect ratio 16:9 but fine in the other case. Once again in both cases the game looks normal on the phone, except a slight improvement in graphics when selecting 1920x1080. My question again is why does the game view shows me that weird scale and zooms in for no reason at all ?

the scale factor is only an editor thing, isn’t relevant for anything else, only the editor’s game view.
same for the resolution on that panel, it’s all just an editor view thing, so you can preview the game in any resolution and aspect ratio you want.
the scale factor can be useful when you’re playing and need to, for example, zoom in on the main character to see his animations in more detail to check if they’re correct.
i haven’t found any other use for it.

in any case, both of the settings are only used in editor, and the “slight improvement in graphics when selecting 1920x1080”… in editor? yes. if you mean you’ve seen a difference on the phone, that’s just placebo effect