Problems with capsule collider and groundcheck

Hello there. Straight to the point,

I have a problem where the raycast seems to be bugging. I have set up a raycast checking if you’re grounded or not. The raycast functioned properly when i had a capsule for my “graphics” on my player. I have switched out the capsule for a 3d Model and set up the capsule collider to align properly with the model.

This is where the problem comes, I am not grounded even though the Capsule collider is clearly touching the ground, (As i said, everything is fine if i have a capsule instead of a 3dModel), I have tried to put the capsule so that the models feet would never touch the ground, still doesn’t work. i don’t want to be able to aircontrol at all, making me unable to move since I’m not grounded.

Now, the grounded check only works if i put the Capsule Collider atleast 2 of height and 0 on the Y-position, making the model stand in the middle of the capsule and yes, in the air.

Why is it like this? I am getting so frustrated since there’s nothing i can think of that causes this problem. I have not tried with another model, just the capsule gameobject.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I have a rigidbody attached to my object, ofc

Sounds like a pivot problem. Maybe it’s casting from below the ground or from too high up. Use Debug.DrawRay to check if the Ray is being casted from the correct origin.