Problems with character controller

I’m developing a game that consists of two balls. One of the balls is the main player which is controlled by you and the other is the enemy that has an AI script and it follows the main ball. The problem is that when the enemy ball collides to the main one, it doesn’t move, that’s because of the character controller. But, on the other hand, if I deactivate it, the controls don’t work. My question is: What am I supposed to do in order to be moved by collision without deactivating the character controller?

Here is the webplayer in order to see the bug:

Thanks for your time and interest!

I think I understand what your saying but unfortunately I don’t know how to fix it, maybe I can clarify for others though.

pretty sure he means when the enemy contacts the player it doesn’t push it because it’s only told to move if the player controller moves it. So it stays rooted to the spot unless the player moves it. aka there’s no “bounce” on the player only on the computer object