Problems with Gravity in Unity 4

Whenever I add gravity settings to a sphere and play the game, my sphere goes up, no matter what the mass is. My sphere also contains a 1st person controller and a sphere collider.
If anyone is willing to help, I would be happy to send over my game files to them, for them to have a look.


Go to Edit > Project Settings > Physics. Now, on the section Gravity on the Inspector, if you want earth Gravity it should look like this:

X [0 ] Y [-9.81 ] Z [0 ]

If Y is “9.81”, the objects will go up. If it’s “-9.81”, they’ll fall.

all the values in the gravity section of the physics menu were exactly as you had type it,
so I got rid of the Rigidbody script on my sphere, and it worked fine…
Did I do the right thing?
Will it affect my game in the future?