Problems with loading asset bundles on android

Hi guys

As the title says I’m trying to load asset bundles on android.
I did put my asset bundles inside StreamingAssets and I do see my directories containing the asset bundles inside Assets folder in the apk.
However when I try to do

Directory.GetFiles(“jar:file://” + Application.dataPath + “!/assets/”, “*.unity3d”, SearchOption.AllDirectories);

I get a DirectoryNotFoundException: Directory ‘jar:file:/data/app/com.Company.ProductName-2.apk!/assets’ not found.

Not sure what I’m missing. Help appreciated.


I think its fixable by making and using custom Directory and File classes that support jar:file: protocol.
Here have sources of such classes:
they require Ionic.Zip.dll which you can download here:

Nonetheless on android it errors out: ArgumentException: Encoding name ‘IBM437’ not supported
You need to unzip your .apk then copy over all I8N*.dll from Unity installation and zip it again, more info: does not work in build - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions