problems with merge conflicts for unity projects

Hi I am working with some friends on a unity project, and at the moment we are having trouble with merge conflict in git, the specific problem happened when I edited a C# script while another person edited the scene, and the conflicts happened with files in the library folder, specifically the file ArtifactDB was modified along with CurrentLayout-default.dwlt, SceneVisibilityState.asset and SourceAssetDB, some artifacts was also deleted, below are picture of the changes in git

Question is should these things be added to out gitignore we are using githubs default unity gitignore:

# This .gitignore file should be placed at the root of your Unity project directory
# Get latest from
    # Asset meta data should only be ignored when the corresponding asset is also ignored
    # Uncomment this line if you wish to ignore the asset store tools plugin
    # /[Aa]ssets/AssetStoreTools*
    # Autogenerated Jetbrains Rider plugin
    # Visual Studio cache directory
    # Gradle cache directory
    # Autogenerated VS/MD/Consulo solution and project files
    # Unity3D generated meta files
    # Unity3D generated file on crash reports
    # Builds
    # Crashlytics generated file

Already solved the problem, it was a problem with our gitignore that caused some files not to be ignored

could you tell me how did u solve the gitignore?
I’ve been facing this problem,could you tell how did u solve the gitignore?