Problems with Multiple Plugins

I’ve browsed around since midnight last night and I cannot understand what I need to do. I am using a Google Analytics plugin and Admob plugin. Searching through my assets, there are four android manifest files. Now, the game won’t work correctly so what is it that I need to do? Look through the manifests and select one to copy all the non-duplicate info into?

Any help is greatly appreciated, its driving me crazy and I gotta publish a version that works again to the play store soon.

Edit: Here is what my plugins folder looks like. Let me know if anything needs to be moved.

Please read the documentation on building Android plugins and how it relates to Manifest files before posting on Unity Answers Unity - Manual: Create and use plug-ins in Android

You can drop pre-compiled Android library projects into the Assets->Plugins->Android folder. Pre-compiled means all .java files must have been compiled into jar files located in either the bin/ or the libs/ folder of the project. AndroidManifest.xml from these folders will get automatically merged with the main manifest file when the project is built.