Problems with texture icon in Unity3D

Hey guys : )

Im following a tutorial about howto: Creating new AR application.
This the link:

I followed the whole tutorial and now i need to test if it works.
But when I start the “build and run” in unity3D i get a camera view on my tablet but he doesnt read the picture i am showing.

Unity3D gives me this error: Compressed texture icon is used as icon. This might compromise visual quality of the final image. Uncompressed format might be considered as better import option.

Can somebody help me with this? I don’t know what he means with this error and i can’t find the solution on the internet…

I had the same problem and fixed it by turning compression off for all devices:


As best I know, it’s a harmless warning about the “start” icon. My iPad apps run perfectly and the icon looks fine to me, but I get that error everytime.

I assume it’s saying “Look, my start icon is always exactly 209 by 197. You and I know, that I could fit a 1024x1024 lossy-compressed jpeg in there. But 209x197 is not that many pixels, so why not give me that exact size, exactly how they will appear?”

Thanks for the answer!

Unfortunately it doesn’t solve my problem… I’ll fix the icon size anyway, but have you any idea what the problem might be then?

I had the same problem. It fixed by setting up the compression format to “truecolor”.
Also make sure the icon is in proper size. Example: Android default playstore icon is 512x512