Problems with the generated collision meshes

hello! I'm trying to export a robotic finger modeled on Fusion360. I have the URDF File and the stl but when I imported it through the URDFImporter, it generates no so accurate collision meshes and the model keeps trembling during runtime.

Is there a way to solve this? Maybe a way to prefab the mesh to it doesn't have to generate it during the importation. So do you manage to have such great mesh collision in the example models?

Thank you so much!!!

I think the problem are the URDF importer and the PhysX Articulation Body ( some help is here ). The are no simple solutions like import something without manually modification (same for Gazebo models).

What kind of manual modifications? I was wondering because the models that are in the examples have really beautifully defined meshes. How did they do it? I have my meshes on stl but when I import it, they break.

Currently I didn't have issues with my meshes (they are very simple) but with combining them with the ArticulationBodies.
With manual modification I mean simplify the colliders and gameObject structure to avoid side effects e.g. the colliders shouldn't have any collision inside a model.