Problems with the Third Person Platformer Tutorial

I am new to Unity, and tried the TPP Tutorial, but none of the animations work. All the debugger says that the animations are not found, and if you open the animator, and select "take one", it says one animation, and not any of the animations it says it needs.

"Take 001" is the default name for an animation when export from your 3d software. (holds all your sequences) You can rename it, but the name must match the one in your ThirdPersonPlayerAnimation script. You can then create your animation clips out of the main "Take 001" and be sure the clips names are same and syntaxed the same os in your script.

The 3d-platform-tutorial Lerpz prefab is already set up and works great.

Try pressing 'clear' on the error messages window. They may be old messages that have been fixed already.

You may also want to re-trace your steps a bit back and make sure you haven't missed any steps out. As the above post says make sure all the correct scripts have been dragged to your character.

The tutorial is 100% so there should be no issues.