Problems with Transform

Hi, so why the Transform doubles it value trough in the script?! is it a problem in the Unity? Thx!

we need more information.Post your script

switch(bot) { case 1: this.Item.transform.Translate(0.1f,0.9f,-0.18f); this.Item.transform.Rotate(345,295,31); break; case 2: this.Item.transform.Translate(0.007f,0.7f,0); this.Item.transform.Rotate(343,299,35); break; case 3: this.Item.transform.Translate(0f,0.9f,0.3f); this.Item.transform.Rotate(7.7f,300,350); break;

this code duplicate the value in Rotate and in Translate... I don't know the cause. example: I use ...transform.Translate(2,3,4) and in Unity show in 4,6 and 8