Problems With Variable Class Arrays...

I’ve tried researching this and am just not finding how to set this properly. What I’m trying to do is load inspector variable class arrays within a mono behaviour class attached to a game object when the game starts.

Here is what I have so far … two variable class arrays; one nested within the other. On the inspector I can resize & edit both variable class arrays as needed. However, at run-time the start event fails with the following error message because everything is NULL (or at least the strings are):

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
ClassSubClass.Start () (at Assets/_Main/Scripts/ClassSubClass.cs:36)

Here is my class code … what am I doing wrong and how can I fix this?

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ClassSubClass : MonoBehaviour

    // Sub Class Details
    public class SubClass
        public string SubName;
        public string SubText;
        public int SubWeight;
        public float SubMin;
        public float SubMax;

    // Main Class Details
    public class MainClass 
        public string MainName;
        public string MainText;
        public float MainMin;
        public float MainMax;
        public SubClass[] SubList;
    public MainClass[] MainList;

    // Initialization of class arrays
    void Start()
        // Load Classes
        MainList = new MainClass[1];
        // Populate the List
        MainList[0].MainName = "First Item (0)";
        MainList[0].MainText = "Hello World";
        MainList[0].MainMin = 10f;
        MainList[0].MainMax = 20f;
        // Now the sublist
        MainList[0].SubList = new SubClass[1];
        MainList[0].SubList[0].SubName = "First Sub Item (0.0)";
        MainList[0].SubList[0].SubText = "Hello Sub World";
        MainList[0].SubList[0].SubWeight = 30;
        MainList[0].SubList[0].SubMin = 40f;
        MainList[0].SubList[0].SubMax = 50f;

    void Update()
        // Do Nothing	

Thank you!!! … I knew it was going to be something simple … Face«Palm :wink:

For the record … your solution worked flawlessly!