Problems with webcam

I have 2 webcams, both work on discord so I know they work. On one webcam, unity detects it, but I get “ERROR - Could not find specified video device”, even if I set “deviceName” to it’s name.

The other one, unity doesn’t even detect.

The one that unity detects is a virtual web cam for obs, and the other one is a ps3 eye camera (i use cl eye driver)

I have windows 7, and am using latest unity version.

edit - i switched back to a 32bit version of unity and the ps3 eye camera is detected now, but it just shows black in unity. and the obs virtual camera gives the same error

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class CamTest : MonoBehaviour
    static WebCamTexture webCam;

    void Start()
        webCam = new WebCamTexture();

        for (int i=0; i<WebCamTexture.devices.Length; i++)

The debug.logs give me a “1” for the length, looping through the array only returns “OBS-camera”.
Could it be something to do with the webcams I’m using?

Okay I found why the ps3eye wasn’t working. I needed a 32 bit version of unity for it to work.

Then it was still black in unity, but closing discord fixed it. I guess only one app can use the camera at once.

For the obs virtual camera, it still doesn’t work. I read somewhere that it just won’t work with unity, so maybe it’s that.