Problems with working on a unity project from flashdrive

I have three different computers that I work on in one day to make my game. Because of this, Google drive/gmail aren’t really an option for me since they take a while to sync to each other and I might lose a few hours of work if I change computers only to find my work hasn’t synced. My project is around 4gb right now. I wouldn’t ask, but I just had the flash drive I’ve been using for this for the past month or so fail. It’s a Sandisk 64GB USB3.0 Ultra Fit, and its been amazing. I’ve only had it since November 2015 by the way, which is why it’s a bit fishy that it failed now. It was formatted in ExFAT, and thankfully I didn’t lose any files because it only failed enough to prevent writing to it (I’ve tried, not fixable). I don’t do much, besides import assets from the assets store (Not too often) and make scripts, edit scenes, I wouldn’t think it would be too write intensive. Its not like I have an algorithm that constantly writes 1000’s of gigs to the drive while simultaneously removing them 24/7. I used this drive on Windows and Mac as well, as well as for large file transfer before unity (storing games like Fallout 4 if I ran out of space on my computer and didn’t want to reinstall later).

ANYWAY, if you have read though that and know a bit about flashdrive, sandisk, and Unity, can you help me discern weather I will be throwing money away on flashdrives a lot if I follow this path? I filled out the warranty and hopefully will be sent another drive, and will be using a 16GB Kingston one until I get it. Thanks for any help you can give!

id get a SSD they are nice and affordable now. small enough for your pocket and are alot more robust. You can pick up a 64gb for next to nothing now. usb sticks arent really for big files and constant writing. Its just not what theyre made for. Plus theyre slow.