ProBuilder world grid snapping problem (can't change pivot point)

When I create a shape in ProBuilder, I can’t get it to snap to the grid correctly. I have the snapping to 0.25, and set to global. The actual snapping is working, but my pivot point is in the center of my shape geometry, instead of being on a vertex.

The thing is, I can’t change the pivot point to a vertex. The “set Pivot” option in Probuilder doesn’t seem to work.

Someone told me I should use ProGrids addon, but it doesn’t exist anymore.

Showcase video:

I think this is possible with Probuilder alone however I havent used it for a long time:

First, make sure you have the latest version of ProBuilder installed. In Unity, go to Window > Package Manager and search for “ProBuilder.” Update the package if needed.

With your ProBuilder shape selected, open the ProBuilder window by navigating to Tools > ProBuilder > ProBuilder Window. If you don’t have the ProBuilder window open, some options might not be available.

In the ProBuilder window, click on the “New Shape” icon and create a new shape. By default, the pivot point should be at the bottom of the shape.

To change the pivot point of an existing shape, select the shape, switch to the “Vertex” mode in the ProBuilder window (the icon with three dots), and then select the vertex you want to set as the pivot point.

With the vertex selected, click the “Set Pivot” button in the ProBuilder window. The pivot point should now be set to the selected vertex.

If you still have issues with snapping, you can try adjusting the snap settings in the ProBuilder window. In the top-right corner of the ProBuilder window, click the gear icon and adjust the “Snap Settings” as needed.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.